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Outreach to Vavuniya
Outreach to VanStaff and students went to Vavuniya, a northern city which been devastated by the foregone war. Over 5 days, they used our new bus to provide electricity for sounds and lights (when necessary) to preach the gospel to thousands of people who had never heard the gospel before. They used dramas, songs, dance, and preaching to share the love of God to people who were ripped into pieces by the war. Hundreds accepted the Lord and many openings were made for pastors of that area to go and minister among these people. You can see how young and old gather to hear the gospel day and night even when it rained heavily at times.

Pastors Conference
Pastors conferenceThis pastor’s conference is very important for Sri Lanka. Kilinochi was the capital for the Tamil Tigers during the civil war times. These pastors who come from this region, have served the Lord under very severe circumstances. Every single one of these pastors has had some loss, mainly of close relatives or immediate family members. They are still traumatized by the past sufferings. This conference (of 2 days) showed them the love of God and gave them the opportunity to learn some deep things of the Word.

We received calls daily from those who attended this conference asking us to come back and what good the conference has done for them and their ministries. They all enjoyed the music, food (the pastors who came with me in our team cooked for them), and the teachings. 100% success.

Bellwood – College Facilities
Bible College

BellwoodThe College, with our motto, “Gentle in manner, resolute in execution” does not raise funds through any means. The main income is tea that is grown by the students themselves on 6 acres of land. On top of tea, the College grows Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cloves, Green and black Pepper. We also have a Broiler chicken farm and vegetable cultivation adds to its income.